Access to medicines

  • Access to medicines

Symposium on drugs and Constitutional Law.

Access to modern, safe, effective and quality medicines.

The Isphar held on October 21, 2009, in Brasilia (DF- Brazil), an event with the participation of Distinguished Professor José Joaquim Gomes Canotilho. It had the theme:
Symposium on drugs and Constitutional Law. Access to modern, safe, effective and quality medicines.

Members of various patients  associations, federal and  state prosecutors, public defenders of the union, members of civil society engaged in the struggle for human rights, professor of pharmacy and chemistry and lawyers who defend the cause were present at this meeting.


The Isphar maintains close relationships with patients and patient groups, family and friends, supporting public policies for access to medicines oh hight quality. We assist in information exchange, in partnership with patient associations and institutions that works in the defense of collective interests. Among the interests of the Isphar, the discussion of public policies to provide decent health service is at the main line of our work for access to medicines.


The event raised the constitutionality of access to medicines and  the omission  of public power in the health sector on  implement ing new policies in order to provide patients humane treatment, including an immediate update of the lists of exceptional medicines  of  the  Brazilian public health system (SUS).



Lunch and symposium on drugs and Constitutional Law
Access to modern, safe, effective and quality medicines



Marcius Ferreira - Honorary President of Isphar.


Kelery Dinarte Freitas - Public Defender of the Union CE.



Shara Sampaio Nunes (ABRAM- Brazilian Association for Assistance Muscoviscidose).

Professor José Gomes Canotilho - University of Coimbra, Faculty of Law

Professor Vitor F. Ferreira - Institute of Chemistry (UFF) and member of Isphar


José Joaquim Gomes Canotilho and Marcius Ferreira


Paulo Menezes - President of ABRAF